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60. Old webpage of Design Travel in April 25, 2018

Design Travel has ceased business operations as a Singapore licensed travel agency in 2018.
The webpages are archived for personal travels

Design Travel Pte Ltd            designtravelpl.com
1002, Toa Payoh Lor 8, 01-1477, Singapore 319074. T: 9668-6468, 6254-3326. E: judy@designtravelpl.com    
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 14 Sep 2015   
Focus:  Myanmar Travels and Tours Customised tours, eco-tours for young people and international student tourism
About Us
2015 short trips - 3 days/2 nights
- Jan to Sep 2015
1.  Yangon - Thanlyn
2.  Yangon - Bago
3.  Yangon - Zalun - Hindata
Myanmar, Inle Lake Golden Island Cottages, visit in Oct 2008, designtravelpl.com, singapore tourists first time
2015 customised tours to Myanmar
1. See blog for >100 quotations for  Myanmar travels and tours
2. Travel to the Irrawaddy region, visiting villages, monastery and towns including Pathein, farms and beach resorts Contact us for details
Myanmar primary school, design-travel-pte-ltd-singapore
Customised tour to Myanmar in April 2011. If you are interested in visiting and supporting primary schools, please contact us
December 2008 Sunset at Bagan, Myanmar. Toa Payoh Vets
May 2013. 6D/5N for one person Yangon-Bagan
Myanmar's Lake Inle - boat quay. Asiahomes.com Travels and Tours
Jun 2013 7D/6N for 4 pax Yangon-Bagan-Inle with 3-star hotel
Lake Inle. Mandatory 3 tourists/small boat. Life vests, umbrellas.  Asiahomes.com Travels and Tours
Feb 2013 7D/6N for 4-6 pax including Sin-Yangon return airfare
June 17-22 2013. Family of 4 to Yangon, Bagan & Inle
Myanmar, Inle Lake Golden Island Cottages, visit in Oct 2008, designtravelpl.com, singapore tourists first time
Feb 2013 6D/5N for 4-6 pax
Kalaw-trekking-Myanma. Contract designtravelpl.com, Singapore
Customised trekking tours
Feedback from a client
Myanmar paintings for sale $250 - $350
Dr Sing's Travel Stories
Due to a tourism boom and lack of hotels being built in the past years, there is a shortfall of 4- and 5-star hotels in Myanmar and a big increase in tourism costs.

Prospective travellers need to confirm bookings more than one month in advance. Payment in full is required before we will book the tours and domestic flights for you. Buy your travel insurance in case you are medically unfit to travel after booking the tours.

2015 customised tours to Myanmar. Design your own tours and let us make the arrangements. For example,
See blog for >100 quotations for  Myanmar travels and tours

See this page for other Myanmar Tours

E-mail details of your specifications/queries to
judy@designtravelpl.com, 99pups@gmail.com
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Fax: +65 6256-0501
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