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11. Mar 31, 2018. Do not sweat the small stuff - ingrown toe nail in a cat

don’t sweat theňąsmall stuff

(American English, spoken) used to tell somebody not to worry about small details or unimportant things

Retirees have more time. Some pick on small details about the habit or performance of the other spouse. This repeated comments become irritating as it is easy to talk and not act. If the spouse has no intention of helping out, then don't sweat the small stuff.

Life is filled with responsibilities and setbacks. Be grateful if you have good health. Others are not so fortunate as the following case shows. 

Saturday, March 31, 2018 case

A cat owner phoned me as to whether he could remove his cat's ingrown toe nail. His mother had been diagnosed with lymphoma and after surgery to remove one lump, three more appeared.

"It is best not to go for massage if one leg is swollen," he said to me. "The massage spreads the lymph to other parts of the body."

"Is she undergoing chemotherapy?" I asked as he said his mother was not eating and was vomiting frequently.

"None for this type of cancer," the man told me that his father had a stroke, likely from cancer. 

"I don't expect my mother to get cancer," he said the mum was 68 years old and the father was less than 70 years old.

As the parents were sick, 
the cats were not cared for, leading to ingrown toe nail for one cat and bad teeth for the other. Both were treated at Toa Payoh Vets today.  A maid will be coming to take care of the aged parents and this man had to work. I noted he had got a "private car" licence to earn some income as a Grab and Uber driver as he was self-employed.

I hope he is resilient enough to carry on living and taking care of his parents.  .


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9. latest updates

From April 1, 2018, latest updates will be at this webpage. 

SINPETS.COMInteresting Images of Singapore and travels
by Sing Kong Yuen

21 August, 2017
1. Asian Festival Of Children's Content at the National Library  
2. Ref 4799. Hopes for a young graduate3. Joys of motherhood4. Sunlight and morning coffee
5. Ref 4789. Singapore at 8 amgoing to Batam6. Ref 4790. A Tour Guidegoing to Batam7. Ref 4791. A&W in Batam
success in business inspirational picture toapayohvets singapore   
8. Ref 4766. The 72-year-old business man's success tips   
 Advert. Unique Singapore homes: 
A heritage bungalow
Advert.Myanmar Tour Images 

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8. Design Travel - agency has been closed. Latest updates

Design Travel (S) Pte Ltd is no longer operational as a licensed travel agency in Singapore as at Jan 1, 2018.

From April 1, 2018, latest updates for Design Travel Pte Ltd at this webpage. This webpage is an archive of the past operations of the agency. No travels or tours will be accepted.  

Design Travel Pte Ltd ( will be re-directed to a this webpage for the latest update.

designtravelpl-dot-com singapore travel agent Design Travel Pte LtdDesign Travel Pte Ltd           designtravelpl.com1002, Toa Payoh Lor 8, 01-1477, Singapore 319074. T: 9668-6468, 6254-3326.     
Singapore licensed travel agent No. 02035     
 14 Sep 2015   
Focus:  Myanmar Travels and Tours Customised tours, eco-tours for young people and international student tourism
About Us
2015 short trips - 3 days/2 nights
- Jan to Sep 2015
1.  Yangon - Thanlyn
2.  Yangon - Bago
3.  Yangon - Zalun - Hindata
Myanmar, Inle Lake Golden Island Cottages, visit in Oct 2008,, singapore tourists first time
2015 customised tours to Myanmar1. See blog for >100 quotations for  Myanmar travels and tours 
2. Travel to the Irrawaddy region, visiting villages, monastery and towns including Pathein, farms and beach resorts Contact us for details
Myanmar primary school, design-travel-pte-ltd-singapore
Customised tour to Myanmar in April 2011. If you are interested in visiting and supporting primary schools, please contact us
December 2008 Sunset at Bagan, Myanmar. Toa Payoh Vets
May 2013. 6D/5N for one person Yangon-Bagan
Myanmar's Lake Inle - boat quay. Travels and Tours
Jun 2013 7D/6N for 4 pax Yangon-Bagan-Inle with 3-star hotel
Lake Inle. Mandatory 3 tourists/small boat. Life vests, umbrellas. Travels and Tours
Feb 2013 7D/6N for 4-6 pax including Sin-Yangon return airfare
June 17-22 2013. Family of 4 to Yangon, Bagan & Inle
Myanmar, Inle Lake Golden Island Cottages, visit in Oct 2008,, singapore tourists first time
Feb 2013 6D/5N for 4-6 pax
Kalaw-trekking-Myanma. Contract, Singapore
Customised trekking tours 
Feedback from a client
Myanmar paintings for sale $250 - $350
Dr Sing's Travel Stories
Due to a tourism boom and lack of hotels being built in the past years, there is a shortfall of 4- and 5-star hotels in Myanmar and a big increase in tourism costs. 

Prospective travellers need to confirm bookings more than one month in advance. Payment in full is required before we will book the tours and domestic flights for you. Buy your travel insurance in case you are medically unfit to travel after booking the tours.
2015 customised tours to Myanmar. Design your own tours and let us make the arrangements. For example, See blog for >100 quotations for  Myanmar travels and tours 
See this page for other Myanmar Tours

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7. - Old landing page. Before April 1, 2018

This webpage is a copy of the old landing page for contents before April 1, 2018
The webpage is at: 2014vets Blog No. 7
06 April, 2018
From April 1, 2018,
please go to:
2014vets Blog No. 62
Before April 1, 2018,
a collection of some stories and images created by Dr Sing Kong Yuen is listed below:

May 16, 2010. When the chips are down.

Nov 2, 2015. The blue-fronted Amazon escaped.
Nov 22, 2015. A misbehaving management staff
Sep 29, 2013. Ah Pek ghost stories.
Apr 2, 2018. A male Orange Breasted Green Pigeon posed for me.
Apr 3, 2018. The female Orange Breasted Green Pigeons posed for me in the fitness park.

Aug 30, 2013. The pretty girl.

Jun 17, 2014. A loving mother worked hard to support 3 graduates
Aug 17, 2014. Life is a journey. Complete it.

Nov 30, 2015 in Hinthada - donations and food to 2,700 monks
Dec 5, 2015 in Yangon - Free Funeral Services
Dec 13, 2015. School uniforms for the students

Aug 12, 2016. Clean drinking water for the students. Aug 16, 2016. The orphan Asiatic Bear has two tongue swellings - ranulas.
Sep 16, 2016. An Asiatic Bear had 2 large tongue swellings - follow up 3 months after operation.
Apr 6, 2018. Veterinary Files from Myanmar by Dr Sing Kong Yuen - videos and case studies.


Apr 10, 2017. Advices for young people.
Dec 18, 2017. Advices on relationships
Mar 31, 2018. There are no perfect mothers SINGAPORE AIRPORT, BIRDS, FLOWERS AND MUSHROOMS
Nov 11, 2017. Changi Airport Terminal 4.
Dec 21, 2017. A mynah in downtown Singapore
Jan 7, 2018. Mushrooms seen in a garden in Singapore

Asia USA Realty (S) Pte Ltd has images of Singapore residences

Toa Payoh Vets case studies

Nov 21, 2010. Art entrepreneurship.
Sep 10, 2013. Flowers are a dancer's best friends.
Aug 26, 2013. The optometrist's 3rd daughter.
Aug 30, 2015. A Singaporean wants to do charity work in Vietnam.

May 29, 2012. Travel broadens your mind if you know how. 

Jun 18, 2014. Myanmar - Oxen and Nuns
Jun 19, 2015. Lavender flowers in South France. Nov 1, 2017. A Japanese biker in Aso.
Apr 6, 2018. Dr Sing's travel stories and videos.


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6. Asia USA Realty (S) Pte Ltd - latest updates

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April 5, 2018 webpage

Asia USA Realty (Singapore)
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Expatriates wishing to rent Singapore properties, there is some information on Singapore housing as follow: 
Subdivisions, Residences, Singapore

Tel: +65 9668-6468 or email 

November 24, 2017 webpage
Asia USA Realty (Singapore)
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24 November, 2017


We get for you affordable Singapore homes
Rent or Investment


1. Video: Queen's Road 3I HDB apartment, 69 sq m (2-bedroom + study, 2 bathrooms), renovated, fully airconditioned. NEW air conditioners for for living and dining rooms and bedrooms. New kitchen cabinets.

A 5-minute walk to Farrer Road MRT for rent $2500 fully furnished. Study room is next to the main door (not shown in the floor plan below).  Available now.


2. Video: Spacious, quiet Nassim Regency condo for rent. Near Botanic Gardens
3. Video: Lentor houses, north Singapore, for rent
Two units for rent: NORTH SINGAPORE
3.1.  Lentor Plain Conner Terrace 4 bedroom + maid's room. Land 4660 sq sq ft. Built up area 2852 sq ft. $5,800
3.2.  Lentor Plain Terrace houses. 4 bedroom + maid's room. Land 1668 sq sq ft. Built up area 2852 sq ft. $5,50
Central Singapore:
D10 Gentle Villa @ Novena Bungalow 5+U Land: 4414 sq ft, Built up area: 2900 sq ft $9,000
D9 53 Cluny Park Bungalow 5+U+S+Pool Land: 15,150 sq ft, Built up area 7,736 sq ft $37,000
D11 Chancery Grove @ Novena: Townhouses 3br +U $6,700

D11 Greenwood Mews @ Greenwood Ave: Townhouses 5br $8,900
D12 Townerville (Conservation house) 2br $4,550 4br $5,800
Singapore colonial townhouses 2bdrm $2200, 3 & 4 bdrms from $3000POPULAR PROPERTY FOR RENT:
Information at: Townerville colonial houses for rent.  No condo facilities.
D28 Lentor Loop Conner Terrace 4+U L:3724 sq ft B:3165 sq ft $5,200

D28 Sunrise Place Conner Terrace 4+U L:3317 sq ft B:2207 sq ft $4,300
D28 Cabana Cluster house 4+U+OT 2885 sq ft $5,500
D26 Dalla Vale Cluster house 4+U+OT 3218 sq ft $4,800
D19 Lorong Biawak terrace 4+U L:3346 sq ft B:2960 sq ft $4,500
D25 Bukit Villas Semi-D 5+U L:2565 sq ft B:3025 sq ft $5,100
D16 Lucky Height 4+U L:2610sq ft B:3057sq ft $6,300
D15 East Coast Road 4bedrooms L:2130 sq ft B:2200 sq ft $4,500
D16 Bedok Grove 4+U L:1872 sq ft B:3186 sq ft $6,100
D16 Limau Garden 4+U L:2868 sq ft B:3112 sq ft $5,500
D23 Cashew Crescent 3+U L:1615 sq ft B:1900 sq ft $4,600
D23 Cashew Terrace 4+G+Pool+Private lift B:4476 sq ft $9,800

5Singapore colonial townhouses 2bdrm $2200, 3 & 4 bdrms from $3000. POPULAR PROPERTY FOR RENT:
Information at: Townerville colonial houses for rent.  No condo facilities.

Emily Road shophome 3+1 2314 sq. ft. For rent. $6,600. Near Little India subway. Quiet.


The Residences At W, Singapore, Sentosa Cove for rent/sale. Private boat berths and far from the city crowds.


JOINT-VENTURE INVESTORS AND DEVELOPERS WANTED for hotel and serviced apartments in Myanmar. Contact
Tel/sms +65 9668-6468

 8. Some Information on Singapore housing below
Serviced apartments in Singapore
Singapore's black and white bungalows
Subdivisions, Residences, Singapore
9. Emerald Hill conservation shophouse homes for rent
Tel: +65 9668-6468,
1028tn_NassimGdn_black&white600.jpg (18295 bytes)10. Nassim Gardens condo (tall building) and Botanic Gardens are a 10-minute walk amongst nature away. Fragrant perfumes of flowers from the Botanic Gardens near by.
1.  We provide a convenient and free service to expatriates and their office people and foreigners looking for Singapore rentals/investments or short-leases. Such people don't have time to do the negotiations and phone calls and use our services.  Please do not abuse this service if you intend to seek your own rental property.

We provide rental management services for homes purchased by foreigners and for absentee landlord Singaporeans based overseas.

3. We help foreigners and locals to buy condos and other residences in Singapore.

4. We accept property ads for owners on this website at $30 for 3 months (webpage with images). 

Phone/text +65 9668-6468,

E-mail and we will contact you within 24-48 hours.

Text or Tel: +65 9668-6468 to get immediate answers to your queries or make appointments to view apartments when you arrive in Singapore.  A small number of rental or sale properties are listed on this webpage is meant to provide some information for expatriates overseas.

We are NOT able to update daily as many properties are rented out/sold out fast.
Tel: + 9668 6468, 65 6254-3326. Fax: +65 6256-0501 to get more info. E-mail: to get a list of housing/serviced apartments or to view housing in Singapore.

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