Friday, 6 December 2013

1. 2014 interns projects

1. 42807 Mini Schnauzer pees blood yearly
2 videos in 2014_
1. consultation (blood on the floor)
2. day 2 after hospitalisation (urine collection)

2010: vet 1 diagnosed urinary stones in the urethra and urinary stone in the bladder on x ray
2013: same situation

Nearly every year, the dog sees the vet to get medication for the stones. The owner does not want the dog to undergo surgery

2. 45338 30 month old terrapin has closed and opened eyes
2 videos in 2014_videos
Causes of closed swollen eyes:
Vit A deficiency
Management of water
Insufficient space to busk
Prolonged exposure to sunlight
Brand of commercial pellets (quality might be poor)

3. 45315 Poodle has 'locked' jaws
2 videos on 6 Dec
Images from 2 weeks ago
Owner comments that swelling has reduced. Dog's behaviour more normal but still drools and has bad breath
Second opinion: Dr Sing saw two lumps at the back of the tongue should be excised. The owner is worried about anaesthetic risks
Dr Daniel gave the same medication

4. 3 gigantic chest tumours in a dwarf hamster - Inoperable and very high risk of death because of loss of blood
1 video
Owner is strongly advised against surgery

5. Roborovski with the right shoulder tumour

6. Judgement day: post pyometra JRT
Part I: Justification: Vet will decide if operation should be done. How to ensure optimal chances of survival on the operating table. Operate or wait another day. Based on evidence (blood test, xray, phy examination) If the dog is very ill, it may die the next day
Part II: Surgery

7. Owner's dilemmas: Whether to spay the pregnant cat
Financial: expensive. might be closed pyometra. no blood test/ultrasound
Political: animal welfare activism
Social: Ethics - whether or not to terminate a late pregnancy (see images of well-formed kittens ~7weeks, will be born in another 2 weeks)
Cat has eaten that day -- can the surgery still be done? 6 hours after eating, the surgery can still be done. Sedation used does not cause vomiting

8. Stray dog/cat activism in Singapore - to be written into a book
Animal welfare groups in Singapore
What they do/their challenges/successes/future
Videos and interviews